Workforce Development Contacts

To book a place on any of our CPD modules or courses, please discuss the CPD opportunity you are interested in with your line manager during supervision/appraisal. If your manager agrees to nominate you for a module/course, and you are available to attend all dates for that module, they will need to contact your authority’s Workforce Development contact (see below) to put your name forward for the module.

Workforce Development contacts

Sheffield children'sLucy
Sheffield adults'Marjorie
Doncaster Children's Services TrustYvette
Doncaster adults'Sharon
Barnsley children's and adults'Sue
Lincolnshire children'sLisa
Rotherham adults'Nigel

Rotherham children'sLee


If you are offered a place on a module or course, you will need to complete the university’s application and registration processes. For details about registering for a course/module, please see