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Major Adult Social Work Survey Launched in England

A major survey has been launched to find out what research needs to happen in future to further improve social work in England and our understanding of what works for people.

The survey asks adults and those approaching adulthood who have been in contact with social workers in England, social workers themselves, and other professionals who work alongside social workers, to talk about their experiences and what they think should be priorities for future social work research.

It is part of an Adult Social Work Priority Setting Partnership, started by the Chief Social Worker for Adults in the Department of Health, in response to the 2016 report: “Social Work: the state we’re in” by the Social Care Workforce Research Unit at King’s College. The report recommended that research priorities for adult social work are identified by following the tried-and-tested methods used by the James Lind Alliance.

Lyn Romeo, Chief Social Worker for Adults in England said:

“We want to understand more about what works best when social workers work with adults and their families.  Research evidence can help with this but first we need to know what is important to people and therefore what to research.  That is why this survey is vital.  It will help us to make sure that future research answers the questions that are important to social workers themselves and anyone who has been in contact with them.  We want future research to make a real difference to improve the quality of care and support that people receive.”

Please complete the survey here!


Practice Education

In line with national drives to raise the quality of social work education and training, a priority for the South Yorkshire Teaching Partnership is to raise the quality and capacity of Practice Education. This has involved work in a number of different areas which staff from across the partnership have contributed to.

The South Yorkshire Teaching Partnership has hosted 91 placements for students from Sheffield University this academic year. Central to this work has been the agency co-ordinators who contribute to the Practice and Placement Development Group (PPDG). They co-ordinate student placements across the authority and quality assure Practice Educator portfolios.

The Teaching Partnership have refreshed the Practice Educator module available to staff to train as a Level 1 Practice Educator and have just completed delivering this for a second time to staff from across the partnership. A module for Level 2 Practice Educators is currently being finalised for delivery in January. Additionally, there have been two “masterclasses” offered already this year with a focus on Practice Education, including one on learning styles and another one on supporting failing students. Practice Educators also attend quarterly network sessions so that they can keep up to date with changes across the partnership and refresh their own knowledge base.

Work has also been ongoing with students with staff from across the partnership contributing to a number of workshops that have been delivered for students. This has included newly developed workshops on child protection and also employability for students hoping to work in adult services.

Catherine Mawn, SYTP Quality Assurance and Standards Manager