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Interface Evaluate South Yorkshire Teaching Partnership

Interface was commissioned in September 2018 to conduct an evaluation of the South Yorkshire Social Work Teaching Partnership.

The evaluation activities took place between October 2018 and February 2019. Interface would like to thank all the stakeholders involved in the evaluation for their time and insight, on which this evaluation is largely based.

Interface has since been chosen to provide an evaluation for the DfE on the Social Work Teaching Partnership (SWTP) programme across England.

Please download a copy of the report SYTP Evaluation Report 2019


Student Placement Evaluation

An evaluation has been carried out of student placements that took place between February 2017 and July 2017. On the whole, the feedback was positive, with only a minority of students giving poor scores or negative responses.  Some of these responses were for issues that couldn’t have been avoided and are unfortunately symptoms of working in a busy and changeable service, for example, last minute changes to a placement setting or Practice Educator being on unexpected sick leave.

The majority of placements started on time (90%) and 100% of placements had their learning agreement meeting & contract signed within the timeframe agreed.

All students had an induction period and were satisfied that the information given was useful and appropriate.

Feedback from students included:

“Each individual involved within my placement was extremely supportive and I was never left worried about anything. My practice educator alongside my work based supervisor was always available for support in any areas at any time, which improved my own confidence in practice”

“This placement has been excellent. The team have been supportive, friendly, willing to help assist and support when required. I have been able to experience and engage in a wide range of work and have been able to co-work and undertake cases on my own. My Practice Educator has been amazing. She has always made herself available and supported me throughout my placement. I have been able to discuss personal and work related issues. Regular supervision and feedback has allowed me to work on my weaknesses during placement. This has been a fantastic placement and whichever student ends up with this placement next is extremely lucky.”

“The placement has been great and has confirmed the area of social work I wish to practice in. I feel lucky to have worked with the clients, my Practice educator and the team and just wish there were some jobs available”