SYTP Evaluation

We have recently commissioned and contracted with an independent organisation called Interface Enterprises to undertake an evaluation of the South Yorkshire Teaching Partnership as this is a requirement of the DfE/DH.

Interface will meet up with a range of stakeholders either in focus groups – with representatives from each local authority hopefully attending, or with individuals. We are in the process of arranging these groups and they will take place between November 2018 and February 2018. Groups include:

• Practice Educators
• Placement Leads
• Social workers who have been on CPD/ASYAM courses
• Strategy Board
• Children’s Practice Development Group
• Adult’s Practice Development Group
• Sheffield Hallam University students and University of Sheffield students
• Key individuals – either face to face meetings or over the phone.

The evaluation will look at the outcomes and impact arising from the partnership’s activity, and identify what has worked well/hasn’t worked well. The evaluation report will be circulated to all SYTP stakeholders and will make recommendations for the future sustainability of the Partnership. The report will be presented at the March 2019 Strategy Board.